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The manufacturing and engineering staff at AERO-Classics has extensive background in the design and production of military, marine and aviation heat exchangers. This includes products for major diesel engine manufacturers and virtually all diesel engines produced by General Dynamics Land Systems in Muskegon, Michigan. Past design projects also include: M60, Crusader, AAAV, and a variety of prototypes and experimental vehicles.

AERO-Classics has produced the transmission oil coolers in the M1 Abrams tank program for General Dynamics Land Systems.

Military Heat Exchangers

…for Tanks, Helicopters, Airplanes, and more!

  • Oil Coolers
  • Transmission Coolers
  • Hydraulic Coolers
  • After-coolers
  • Radiators
  • Prototyes

Typical Applications

  • Oil to Air
  • Air to Air
  • Oil to Coolant
  • Coolant to Air

Primary Material

  • Aluminum


  • Bar and Plate
  • Drawn Cup
  • Tube and Center

Examples of Current Military Products

M1 Abrams

  • 12311195: Transmission oil cooler (primary)
  • 12311196: Transmission oil cooler (auxiliary)
  • 12273377: Hydraulic oil cooler
  • 12273116-2: Engine oil cooler

AVDS 1790-2C, 2D & 2 DR 750 HP Engines (M60)

  • 11668989: Engine oil cooler
  • 11684103: Transmission oil cooler
  • 12275820: Transmission oil cooler

AVDS 1790-9AR & 8CR, 1050 & 1200 HP Engines (Various)

  • E9AR106-001: Engine oil cooler
  • E9AR106-002: Transmission oil cooler, RB
  • E9AR106-003: Transmission oil cooler, LB
  • E9AR131-051: Aftercooler

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