Product Warranty

Product Warranty


Aviation oil coolers manufactured by Aero-Classics, Inc. are warranted to be free of manufacturer defect for a period of 2 years or 2000 hours, whichever occurs first, from the date of purchase at Aero-Classics Inc. Parts returned for warranty claim must have a valid return authorization, and shall be shipped prepaid, at the buyer’s expense.

Liability of AERO-Classics, Inc. shall be limited to repairing or replacing any part determined to be defective upon inspection at our plant. Under no circumstances is AERO-Classics, Inc. responsible for costs associated with installation, removal, reinstallation, or any other ancillary expenditure incurred by damage done to our part or any other components.


Please note (if applicable) the threads on this part have been inspected by the manufacturer before shipment and found to be in conformity. Aero-Classics Inc. highly recommends the use of anti-seize lubricant during the installation of fittings into our oil coolers to prevent thread galling. To further reduce risk of thread galling one should consider use of new and/or steel or stainless steel fittings. Galling of threads is not considered a warrantable claim.

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